5 Towns Veterans

Prosper had the absolute pleasure of meeting Keith and Alan in their new premises at The Veterans Centre in Featherstone.
The 5 Towns Veterans Support hub provides assistance, signposting and drop-in centre support for veterans and their families within the Wakefield and 5 towns area. They focus on mental health and social integration of their clients. They are looking to reduce suicides and give support to those living with the impact of PTSD.
The centre is purely run by volunteers, they have 3 or 4 core volunteers, but they have around 10 regulars to ensure they run smoothly.

Veterans and their families experience quite specific difficulties and so having a place like the hub is essential. They also have links to a specialist PTSD Consultant, who has given support to the hub. Alan explained that along with activities, are a warm space, they signpost extensively, offer telephone befriending, advice services and do home visits. There is also a coffee morning from 10am on Thursdays.

Prosper awarded a small grant last year, which was used for the day to day running costs of the hub. Alan said this was so helpful in taking some of the pressure off and enabling them to concentrate on their veterans. The grant also covered the support line visits to vulnerable veterans. Keith acknowledged that without the grant, it would have been harder.

The premises are quiet and comfortable with care given to how it is perceived by some of their vulnerable veterans to ensure a safe and welcoming space. There is still some work needed around heating as the heaters need improving. They also have a large meeting space which can be available for other groups too.

To find out more about 5 Towns Veterans Hub, please visit their website: Click here

Email: contactus@5townsveterans.co.uk
Or call: 0800 699 0552

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