Appletree Community Garden

The weather was glorious when Prosper called in to the Appletree Community Garden earlier as Spectrum People are celebrating 10 years.

Spectrum People run Appletree Community Garden which provides a place for many individuals/groups to enjoy and find wellbeing and community support. Appletree helps marginalized people of all ages to benefit from a variety of opportunities, offering space to get involved in anything from gardening to art, craft, and other creative pursuits.

Spectrum People aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged people by offering a wide range of activities. Their mission is to break down barriers to success, health, contentment, wellbeing, and community cohesion using projects such as the Appletree Community Garden to improve physical fitness, confidence, self-esteem and life-skills for people who are currently marginalized due to a huge range of issues, from sensory disability through to substance abuse and more.

Prosper awarded a grant to Spectrum people at Appletree Community Garden and a portion of this grant went towards a wheelchair accessible composting toilet. Spectrum People wanted to make Appletree more sustainable by stopping the use of chemicals in the portaloos and the composting toilet is far more in keeping with the ethos of the wonderful site that is Appletree.

To find out more about Appletree, visit their Facebook page: Click here
Or call: 07933 099445

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