Red Roof Centre

Prosper was lucky enough to spend some time with Tracy at the Red Roof Centre in Kinsley.

The Red Roof Centre is a vibrant hub that has a day nursery, a community café (with lovely tray bakes, we did not leave empty handed), sports hall, IT suite, craft room, conference rooms and other units let out to tenants who are other charities or CIC’s. It is open to everyone, all day, every day.

We met in a conference room that is part of a much larger hall that can be divided up. A mums’ & toddlers’ group was going on behind the divide. In this space they hold a series of activities including kickboxing, line dancing, a knit and natter group, and the annual community pantomime.

Understandably, this floor is well used. Over time, a part of this floor had corroded and sunk, and it was impacting on services.

Prosper awarded a grant to repair the floor and bring it back to its former glory and the main hall is now back in constant use, which Tracy couldn’t be happier about.

As a local funder, Tracy believes that Prosper wants to help and actually does make the effort to keep funding rounds simple and easy

To find out more about the Red Roof Centre, please visit their website: Click Here 
Or call: 01977 610931

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