Wakefield District Sight Aid

We presented Wakefield District Sight Aid with a cheque from our small grants round for £19,906.40.

WDSA have been serving local people in the community for 150 years. They support anyone living with low vision, as well as families, carers and sight care professionals across the Wakefield District.

Their overall mission is to help anyone and everyone affected by sight impairment in the district, thus helping to improve confidence, reduce social isolation and raise awareness about the importance of good eye health and care.

After speaking with CEO Hayley Grocock, here is what she had to say:

“This grant round will be used towards our core costs, helping us to continue doing the things we know work and are of great value for our service users.

A lot of our users are older people and some may be isolated, so being able to carry on doing the things they find useful is massive. Project funding is pretty easy to find if you come up with a new idea, but the ‘bread-and-butter’ services, like having a helpline operational 4 days a week, coffee mornings and younger member social groups is really important.

So, for us, using the funding for core costs means we know our usual services are covered and if we need additional funding for new projects, we can go and look for that. It takes the pressure off us because we have space to think about new things whilst continuing to do the great things we know work”.

Another fantastic charity we have helped during our latest grants round. Being able to help cover costs for services we know work tremendously well is definitely worthwhile and we will continue to help charities with similar issues.

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